5th September 2013 … Well done to Sarah Walls today … 1st time driving test pass and 1st baby due in 4 weeks!

27th August 2013 … Even when I’m on holiday success is the name of the name of the game at Morag’s Manoeuvres … Well done to Laura Thomson on passing her driving test.

29th July 2013 … Some recent 1st time passes … Well done to Ross Hendry, Heather Neil & Rachael McElroy … Who’s next then?

30th May 2013 … And another pass … Well done Gemma Lindsay for a great pass today πŸ™‚

25th May 2013 … We’ve ended the week as we started here at Morag’s Manoeuvres with another driving test pass … Well done Heather Guyan!

20th May 2013 … It’s been a busy wee day at Morag’s Manoeuvres … Two HUGE congratulations to Brian Walker & Emma Malone for passing their driving tests today just in time for those summer drives …

24th April 2013 … We’re on a roll … Well done Patrick McCarron for a great driving test pass today!

15th April 2013 A HUGE well done to Ayesha Fairley on passing her driving test today … Superstar!

21st February 2013 … A MASSIVE well done to Carly today passing her driving test with a clean sheet …

24th January 2013 … Huge well done to Zoe Cheung on passing her driving test today with only one minor … So proud of you x

25th September 2012 … A HUGE well done to Kirstin McGarvie for passing her driving test on her 1st attempt today with only one wee minor on her sheet … Superstar!

20th September 2012 … Well done to Gavin Allan today for his 1st time driving test pass … Another successful learner with Morag’s Manoeuvres!

6th August 2012 … A massive well done to Lauren Fotheringham on her well deserved 1st time pass … Driving in flash floods will be no problem to Lauren now!!

27th June 2012 … Well done Gavin Monachan on passing your driving test today … Another successful pass for Morag’s Manoeuvres!

14th May 2012 … And another 1st time pass for Morag’s Manoeuvres … Well done Christopher Stevenson … Mother & son now both passed!

22nd April 2012 … Well done to Robyn On passing her driving test first time … We’re on a roll here … Who’s going to be next?!

20th April 2012 … Well done to Mark Gara for passing his driving test 1st time with only two minor’s!

13th March 2012 … Big well done to Craig Carmyllie for passing his test today!

7th March 2012 … Well done to Kaitlin for passing her driving test today. Another safe driver from Morag’s Manoeuvres …

22nd February 2012 … A big WELL DONE to Ewan for passing his driving test on the first attempt πŸ™‚ Who will be next?!

9th December 2011 … A HUGE well done Linda MacMillan for passing her driving test today. Her determination has paid off & the world is now her oyster!! cvs Cleocin

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