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5th September 2013 … Well done to Sarah Walls today … 1st time driving test pass and 1st baby due in 4 weeks!

27th August 2013 … Even when I’m on holiday success is the name of the name of the game at Morag’s Manoeuvres … Well done to Laura Thomson on passing her driving test.

29th July 2013 … Some recent 1st time passes … Well done to Ross Hendry, Heather Neil & Rachael McElroy … Who’s next then?

30th May 2013 … And another pass … Well done Gemma Lindsay for a great pass today πŸ™‚

25th May 2013 … We’ve ended the week as we started here at Morag’s Manoeuvres with another driving test pass … Well done Heather Guyan!

20th May 2013 … It’s been a busy wee day at Morag’s Manoeuvres … Two HUGE congratulations to Brian Walker & Emma Malone for passing their driving tests today just in time for those summer drives …

24th April 2013 … We’re on a roll … Well done Patrick McCarron for a great driving test pass today!

15th April 2013 A HUGE well done to Ayesha Fairley on passing her driving test today … Superstar!

21st February 2013 … A MASSIVE well done to Carly today passing her driving test with a clean sheet …

24th January 2013 … Huge well done to Zoe Cheung on passing her driving test today with only one minor … So proud of you x

25th September 2012 … A HUGE well done to Kirstin McGarvie for passing her driving test on her 1st attempt today with only one wee minor on her sheet … Superstar!

20th September 2012 … Well done to Gavin Allan today for his 1st time driving test pass … Another successful learner with Morag’s Manoeuvres!

6th August 2012 … A massive well done to Lauren Fotheringham on her well deserved 1st time pass … Driving in flash floods will be no problem to Lauren now!!

27th June 2012 … Well done Gavin Monachan on passing your driving test today … Another successful pass for Morag’s Manoeuvres!

14th May 2012 … And another 1st time pass for Morag’s Manoeuvres … Well done Christopher Stevenson … Mother & son now both passed!

22nd April 2012 … Well done to Robyn On passing her driving test first time … We’re on a roll here … Who’s going to be next?!

20th April 2012 … Well done to Mark Gara for passing his driving test 1st time with only two minor’s!

13th March 2012 … Big well done to Craig Carmyllie for passing his test today!

7th March 2012 … Well done to Kaitlin for passing her driving test today. Another safe driver from Morag’s Manoeuvres …

22nd February 2012 … A big WELL DONE to Ewan for passing his driving test on the first attempt πŸ™‚ Who will be next?!

9th December 2011 … A HUGE well done Linda MacMillan for passing her driving test today. Her determination has paid off & the world is now her oyster!! cvs Cleocin

Latest news

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Know your Highway Code

When driving in fog you should be able to pull up well within the distance you can see clearly #HighwayCode rule 235

After overtaking on a two-lane dual carriageway, move back to the left-hand lane when it is safe to do so. #HighwayCode rule 137

All vehicles MUST pass round the central markings of mini-roundabouts, except large ones which physically can’t #HighwayCode rule 188

Children and older pedestrians may not be able to judge your speed and could step into the road in front of you. Kill your speed. Rule 207

Never assume that flashing headlights is a signal inviting you to proceed. Use your own judgement & proceed carefully #HighwayCode rule 111 Coreg

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