The Driving Course

Learning to drive is a very different experience for everyone that sits behind the wheel. You may be 17 and desperate to get driving, or perhaps a little bit older and a bit apprehensive, or perhaps you need to learn for a reason like a job! Whatever your motivation behind learning to drive you can be assured that the syllabus is tailored to your individual needs and not for the masses, ensuring that you get the right training at the right time for you!

By the end of your driver training not only will you have passed your test you can be sure that you are equipped to be a safe driver for life.


All new Learner Drivers are required to sit & pass a Theory Test which must be passed before you are allowed to book & sit your practical test. It consists of these two parts:

  • Multiple Choice Theory Questions

    This is made up of 50 multiple choice questions & a time limit of 57 minutes in which to answer them. To pass this part of the test you need to correctly answer 43 of the 50 questions.

  • The Hazard Perception

    The Hazard Perception is made up of 14 video clips containing developing hazards, one clip will contain 2 hazards.  You are scored between 5-0 depending on the timing of your mouse click when you see the hazard developing. To pass this part of the test you must score a minimum of 44 out of 75

To pass the Theory Test you must pass both parts in the same test.

The Practical Driving Test

It is designed for you to show that you can drive safely on different roads & traffic conditions and that you have a good understanding of the Highway Code & traffic signs.
Before setting off you will be given a simple eyesight check & will then be asked two Vehicle Check ‘show me / tell me’ questions.
The driving part of the test will take approx. 40 minutes. During this time you will be assessed on your general driving skills, your ability to carry out one of the manoeuvres, which include:

  • Turn in the Road

  • Reversing round a corner

  • Reverse Parking

It will also include approx. 10 minutes of Independent Driving which is designed to assess your ability on drivng whilst making the decisions.
You may also be asked to carry out an Emergency Stop.

During your tailored driving course with me we will have covered everything you need to know and you will have the ability and confidence to sit your test knowing you are equipped to not only pass your driving test but be a safe driver for life!